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Le 21 March 2018, 09:17 dans Humeurs 0

  March 2, Xinhua. Recently, on the first day of the new semester of Civil Aviation University of China, teachers and students will brainstorm the situation and policy in the classroom, opening the first lesson of Ideological and political education in the new semester.

  Flight Technical College Youth League organized youth learning to learn the spirit of nineteen members will be held in exchange, holidays, "learning nineteen, preach nineteen" thinking, what one sees and hears discussion, promote the study and implement the spirit of the party's nineteen students in flight again in the focus and heating, further deepening.

  It is understood that in just the end of the winter vacation, the students rely on temporary flight academy League, class organizations and academic organizations, widely established "Nineteen learning team spirit", the school Youth League Organization "gratitude teacher Enqing, C. The Civil Aviation social practice, with the original" Nineteen be known will return to the flight manual "high school students for preaching, in the form of comics to allow more young people to understand the nineteen spirit and contemporary spirit of civil aviation.

  At the same time, also by foreign aviation flight academy temporary Mission branch organization of flight training in foreign flight students in-depth and continuous learning, to carry out online video learning activities at the same time, through the WeChat platform to push every day to read the nineteen original report recording, a total of 37 push, click on the cumulative amount of more than 7000 times.

  In the United States and north of Qatar University School (University of North Dakota) for the training, Ling Yashan said: "because of training, even the Spring Festival had no winter vacation with my family, but by the dynamic organization of temporary Mission Branch of learning activities, always pay attention to domestic, let me think that no matter which country is flying in the sky, the direction of the heart is the motherland. In the future training, I will guide the nineteen spirit and take the spirit of contemporary civil aviation as the guide of action, and I will dream of the civil aviation flight of the motherland at an early date. "

Improving the status of kindergarten

Le 16 April 2017, 16:42 dans Humeurs 0

  In this year's "government work report", the development of preschool education is positioned like this: "we need to increase the supply of preschool education resources through multiple channels, and strengthen the supervision over the whole process of child care through the Internet and other information means. We must make sure that our parents are at ease." A member of the CPPCC National Committee, Faculty of education, Beijing Normal University professor Liu Yan put forward three suggestions, to reassure parents of preschool education at ease, should really improve the kindergarten teacher's status and treatment, let them have the occupation dignity and pride. At the same time, the society, the family and the kindergarten must trust and cooperate with each other, and parents should trust the kindergarten teachers to create an environment conducive to the healthy growth of the children. We should increase the supply of preschool education resources, strengthen the construction of preschool teachers, and improve and supervise the quality of kindergarten education in many ways.


  Liu Yan said that for a long time, kindergarten teachers were often regarded as "babysitters" with children. Their professionalism did not receive the respect and recognition of the society, and their treatment was low. Students with good academic achievements are unwilling to register for preschool education major or school. At the same time, universal low wages do not recruit qualified kindergarten teachers, and the rate of attrition is high and the stability is poor. A professional kindergarten teacher should not only grasp the knowledge and skills of child care, but also grasp the knowledge and skills of early childhood education. We should respect children and children. Therefore, in order to run preschool education, let the people be assured and satisfied, to build a high-quality teaching good teachers, not only to strengthen the education of teachers, but also must pay attention to the improvement of the status and treatment of kindergarten teachers, "kindergarten teachers" and the primary and secondary school teachers, has become "the envy of the occupation"Data from Trial Evaluating Cardiovascular Outcomes with Sitagliptin safety diabetes. .

  The mutual trust between the family and the kindergarten is the "harmony" in the field of preschool education

  At present, kindergarten teachers have long working hours and face dozens of children at the same time, and the work pressure is great. Liu Yan proposed that parents should trust most of the kindergarten teachers, believing that they are professional and loving children. The mutual trust and cooperation of the society, the family and the kindergartens can better create an environment conducive to the healthy growth of the childrenPolyU ranks top 30 in QS Asian university rankings 2018. PolyU continues to expand its academic links with those top 100 universities in Asia and top-ranked universities in the world, to create overseas learning opportunities for students. .

  Multiple ways to improve and supervise the technical means of the quality of Kindergarten Education

  Liu Yan believes that strengthening supervision through technical means is only an auxiliary means to protect the rights and interests of children. It can not be used as the main content of this year's preschool education. She suggested that the use of the Internet and other means of information, strengthen the supervision of the whole process of child care, must let parents feel at ease "this sentence, amended as:" to preschool education more channels to increase the supply of resources, strengthen the construction of teachers' team, many ways to improve the supervision and kindergarten education quality, be sure to let parents feel at easeAnother very important role that pharmaceutical distributors have is maintaining a sense of transparency in their sales system. ."