Expect the result of things, often make the worst plan. Sometimes this is a kind of the embodiment of the wisdom, sometimes is also a way of expression of despair.

In the past, I always to think things too good, thought everything will go the right direction, but often backfire. This may be the hope, the greater the disappointment, the greater the mean. After the disappointment of many times, I abrupt fantasy: isn't as long as I to think of things in the direction of the worst, god will give me a better result? So, no matter what kind of things, I have tried not to good direction to think, just the worst outcome. The odd thing is that after the transformation of thinking, the result of things really would be much better. From then on, even if things again how well, I also thought the worst outcome, good let oneself no longer disappointed. However, this practice also made me some negative, feel good and hope that I am too far away, always encounter the worst outcome, is always ready to the worst, to protect themselves don't hurt.

In fact, make the worst plan is a kind of wisdom. A lot of things we cannot control its development, the end result is not necessarily what we expected. If things results as expected, that of course is the best; If something unexpected result, and even the worst outcome, there is no psychological preparation we have to bear the pain of disappointment. Do things don't just want to good side, also want to more thoroughly, also should think of the bad one side, expected the worst outcome, and plan for the result accordingly. When things really bad side, we don't have to panic, can calmly to save. Even if the last really cannot be redeemed, we wouldn't be too disappointed, because we already prepared disappointed psychological preparation.

Prepare for the worst, however, it is easy to make oneself become pessimistic, it is easy to fall into despair. Have no hope to anything, only ever think of the worst outcome, will gradually spend their will, there is no firm faith in the face of unknown difficulties. As a result, the worst outcome would be happen. Already desperate man how can see hope? Don't forget the things have two sides, and the world face illusion, who can ensure that the final result of downs? Don't push yourself to the dead end, things haven't results don't too early to give up hope, believe that everything will be changed, don't let yourself too early to give up the struggle. Struggle, at least has a chance to change the result; Give up, is to let themselves into the abyss of despair, at the mercy of fate.

The worst is like a life buoy, and don't know what time will come, we don't know oneself can resist the impact of the wind and waves, to give yourself to prepare a life buoy. In rough time, if we have enough ability to resist, that is, of course, the best. But when we lose resistance strength, was going to be submerged, can with the life buoy pick up back to life, not be swallowed up by the wind and waves.

To face any thing, also hope to better prepare for the worst, let oneself in an impasse when still have a glimmer of hope. Perhaps finally can not escape the worst outcome, but at least have tried, also do not need to inherit the regret and disappointment.